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Free Resources for Schools

Write Your Own Smelly Troll Story
A step by step guide to planning and writing a smelly troll story.

The Making of The Troll Trap three-fold leaflet
Aimed at children, a step by step insight into how a book is written.

How to Draw a Terrific Troll
An illustrator's guide to drawing the perfect troll.

Troll Name Generator
Generate a random troll using a child's own name.

The Troll Trap Worksheet
Comprehension questions and a creativity exercise.

How to Make a Real Troll
Instructions on making model trolls from modelling clay.

Letters From Schoolchildren

I am always happy to answer letters from young readers. Please email or use
this online form.

School Visits

I am available to visit schools for Q&A sessions and to get involved with creative writing projects.

If you are interested in arranging a school visit then please email

(Being Cornwall or Devon based and accessible by public transport is highly preferable.)

Schools I have Worked With

  • Penryn Junior School, Cornwall
  • Barford Primary School, Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Bishop Winnington-Ingram, Ruislip, Middlesex
  • Bosvigo School, Truro, Cornwall
  • Bridge Junior School, Leicester
  • Broadway Primary School, Haslingden, Lancashire
  • Foxhole School, Cornwall
  • Hemyock School, Devon
  • Highfield School, Ely, Cambridgeshire
  • Manor Lodge School, Shenley, Hertfordshire
  • Manor School, Didcot, Oxfordshire
  • Morton Trentside Primary School, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
  • Queensgate Foundation Primary School, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
  • Rosemellin CP School, Camborne, Cornwall
  • St Edwards C of E Primary School, Castle Donington, Leicestershire
  • St Hardulph's Primary School, Breedon-on-the-Hill, Derby
  • St Peter's, West Hanningfield, Essex
  • Tregolls School, Truro, Cornwall
  • Victoria Road Primary, Cheshire

Past Activities

Here are some of the activities schools have taken part in based around my Smelly Troll series:

  • Guided reading
  • Making gruesome clay trolls
  • Creative troll descriptions
  • Short story planning, writing and simulated publishing
  • Actual publishing
  • ‘Ask an Author’ letters
  • ‘Ask a Troll’ letters
  • Giving me suggestions for future troll books
  • Class assemblies
  • Troll-inspired dance
  • Drama workshops
  • Book reviewing
  • Smell creation exercise
  • Character naming game
  • Place naming exercise
  • Book cover design

Smelly Trolls

I've written a series of books focusing on a small group of ten-year-old troll hunters, one of which is rather inconveniently a troll himself.

The series is most popular among children aged 8-10 but is also ideal to read aloud to younger ones.

Monster Avengers

Fifteen schools collaborated to write and publish a paperback, Monster Avengers. The children were involved in every step of the process, including creating the characters, plot threads and even chose the size of the book.

I've been reading The Troll Trap during guided reading sessions with my year 5 children. Quite simply, they love it!

It contains the right balance of disgusting, child friendly imaginary, while the prologue, epilogue and challenging vocabulary stretch and extend the children as they engage with the text.

The smiles on the children's faces, their sniggering and eagerness for the next session are an absolute joy.”

- Dawn Spiteri (Penryn Junior School Teacher)

The Troll Trap

A stinky, squelchy adventure packed with secret dens, tree climbing, troll traps and lots and lots of revolting smells. (Read more)

Mr Splendiferous and the Troublesome Trolls

A slimy, smelly, sausage-slinging adventure packed with mischief, troll traps and a really reckless wacky scientist. (Read more)

Trolls on Ice

A slippery, icy adventure packed with hideous trolls, winter sports and lots and lots of snotacular calamities. (Read more)

Further titles

There are currently three Smelly Troll chapter books and a short story.

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Buying Copies

If you are based in the UK, and wish to obtain 1-5 copies then we advise that you buy Smelly Troll books from Amazon, to take advantage of the free postage.

However, if you would like a larger order then please contact for a special schools' bulk order discount code and instructions on how to use it.

If you are based outside the UK please contact to find out the cheapest buying option.