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Chocolate Making Adventures Cover

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About Chocolate Making Adventures

From cocoa bean to mouth-watering treats...

Make your own chocolate at home.

Most recipes for homemade chocolate involve buying it from the shop then melting it. But what if it’s actual chocolate itself that you want to make?

Thanks to the recent widespread availability of cocoa beans and cocoa butter, chocolate-making has never been easier. You can create it on an ordinary kitchen stove.

Learn to make different kinds of chocolate, then mould it into bars, sweets and even build with chocolate bricks, as you follow Rosen’s quest to become a home chocolatier.

100 pages packed with recipes and tips by chocolate enthusiast Rosen Trevithick and featuring beautiful photographs by Claire Wilson of Live, Life, Explore.

13.10.2015 19:21
About Chocolate Making Adventures

About Chocolate Making Adventures

Chocolate Making Adventures is a book and accompanying website that teaches the art of homemade chocolate creation.

I've dedicated an area of my website to chocolate-making resources, such as recipes, tips and advise on buying ingredients

I'm a chocolate-enthusiast and bestselling author, so decided to combine my two great passions, and create a guidebook for those keen to make their own chocolate.

Non-fiction by Rosen Trevithick
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