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About Chocolate Making Adventures

From cocoa bean to mouth-watering treats...

Make your own chocolate at home.

Most recipes for homemade chocolate involve buying it from the shop then melting it. But what if it’s actual chocolate itself that you want to make?

Thanks to the recent widespread availability of cocoa beans and cocoa butter, chocolate-making has never been easier. You can create it on an ordinary kitchen stove.

Learn to make different kinds of chocolate, then mould it into bars, sweets and even build with chocolate bricks, as you follow Rosen’s quest to become a home chocolatier.

100 pages packed with recipes and tips by chocolate enthusiast Rosen Trevithick and featuring beautiful photographs by Claire Wilson of Live, Life, Explore.

29.10.2015 12:31

Homemade White Chocolate Recipe (that really works!)

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✔ vegetarian ✔ nut free ✔ additive free

Don't believe what they tell you - you can make white chocolate at home and it will taste creamy and sweet, like proper white chocolate such as Milkybar, Lindt or (with vanilla) Green & Black's.

I've read numerous blog posts that tell you you can't make delicious white chocolate at home, for example 'Don't bother making white chocolate unless you want to melt it and mix it in with other stuff. Eating it raw isn't so nice.' Other sites claim that their white chocolate is delicious, but when you try their recipes, the results just don't taste like white chocolate should.

The problem is that these cooks are using the wrong type of cocoa butter. The trick to creating the perfect white chocolate is to use deodorised cocoa butter. The rich flavour of the regular type overpowers the milk and sugar, which are the main flavours people like to detect when enjoying white chocolate. If you use the recommended cocoa butter, then the resulting chocolate will be sweet, creamy and delicious - the perfect contrast to plain.

Homemade White Chocolate (Photo by Claire Wilson, Live Life Explore)

Homemade White Chocolate (Photo by Claire Wilson, Live Life Explore)


60g deodorised cocoa butter

2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

1 tbsp full cream powdered milk (optional)

1 vanilla chip or 1 tsp vanilla seeds

You will need chocolate moulds, yoghurt pots or plastic cups.

makes just over 100g

(e.g. two 80 x 100 x 9mm bars)


1. Start with a cool, dry kitchen.

2. Place the cocoa butter and vanilla chip in a heatproof bowl above a pan of boiling water. Stir from time to time, until melted. This usually takes 5-6 minutes.

3. In a small cup, dissolve the powdered milk into the condensed milk. This thickens the condensed milk and helps get more milk into the chocolate. However, don't worry if you don't have milk powder, the chocolate will be delicious and creamy with the condensed milk alone.

4. Spoon the milk mixture into the molten cocoa and stir. The mixture is likely to look a horrible mess and you may wonder if it will ever combine - trust me, it will during the next steps.

5. Being careful to wipe any condensation off the bottom of the bowl, pour the mixture onto a slab, using a scraper and/or palette knife to ensure that it doesn't run off the edges.

6. Cool the mixture by working it back and forth with the scraper. Repeatedly spread it out to increase the surface area then scrape it back together. If the mixture doesn't start to thicken after five minutes, try opening a window to cool down your kitchen.

7. If you're happy with the flavour, then once the ingredients have combined smoothly and reached the texture of margarine, scrape it back into the bowl and return to the pan. You shouldn't need to return the water to the boil; a gentle heat will suffice.

8. Stir until the chocolate is just thin enough to pour, or slightly thicker if you're going to use it for coating/filling. Allowing the chocolate to become too thin could cause the ingredients to separate in the mould.

9. Pour into moulds or use as directed in your recipe.

10. Immediately transfer the chocolate to the fridge to set.

11. After one hour, remove the moulds from the fridge and carefully pop out the chocolate.

12. Store in the fridge for up to five days.


Feel free to link to and summarise this post, but please do not reproduce it. I worked hard to develop this recipe.

Non-fiction by Rosen Trevithick
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14/12/2015 04:01
Iynn says...

This works great! Thanks a lot! Love this recipe! XD

05/03/2016 02:23
Timmy by day but Timmy by night says...

it didn't work the way I wanted it to it doesn't look like chockolat! whay?

23/03/2016 23:01
Rosen Trevithick says...

I'm sure I can help. What was the consistency of the finished chocolate, please?

09/10/2016 08:11
Blondy says...

Very light and creamy... The best ever!

09/10/2016 09:37
Ling says...

Been looking for the perfect recipe for white chocolate for a while! Happy I found your page! But where do i find food grade deodorised cocoa butter?

09/10/2016 13:52
Anonymous says...

I use RealFoodSource Certified Organic Deodorised Cocoa Butter. You can get it on Amazon. Tastes dreadful on its own but perfect when added to milk and sugar.

14/12/2016 12:03
BadassUnicorn says...

Is this really only good for five days? I was hoping to make some as a christmas gift, but I'd have to make it about a week in advance...

14/12/2016 12:35
Rosen says...

It's hard to say, as that's the life on condensed milk tins. You could try a version with powdered milk instead, as that seems to keep longer.

23/04/2017 23:25
Fukusersfuno says...

Hello, this is ok like your chocolates! Jk, I didn't try it, but I don't like white chocolate and it technically isn't chocolate p! Haha

23/05/2017 12:45
faiza says...

hey there, if i were to leave out the condensed milk and use powdered instead. how much should i use?

26/05/2017 17:17
Rosen says...

Faiza, you could try 2-3tbsp powdered milk. You need to get the milk powder really fine first. I suggest putting it through a coffee grinder.

20/11/2018 08:31
Comment awaiting moderation
11/01/2019 04:23
Anon says...

How can you replace condensed milk wth milk powder? What happens to the sweetness if there's no sugar??

11/01/2019 07:38
Rosen says...

Use honey as well, if replacing condensed milk with milk powder.

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