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Rosen was born in Cornwall. She studied psychology at Oxford before moving back to the West Country.

Readers have downloaded over a quarter of a million copies of Rosen's books. Several titles have broken into the Amazon charts, including a number 1 humorous fiction bestseller.

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- The Independent
"You'll probably never look at a slowcooker in quite the same way again after reading this....or your child's My Little Pony."
- Mrs. M. A. Tolcher (Amazon Reviewer)
"Rosen has a flair for snappy dialogue, detailed description and fast plot movement. I'll definitely be reading more of her work."
- David Wailing (Author)
"I was reading this aloud to my 4 year old niece when waiting for hubby to finish with a doctor's appointment. She was totally enthralled! When we were ready to leave, the gentleman across from us had been listening and said, "Ah! Man! Do you have to go? I was really enjoying that!""
- DW

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26.03.2012 12:09

Rollercoasters, caves and paraffin lamps - Interview with David Wailing

David Wailing, author of Fake Kate and Bang (Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin) will be giving away free copies of two of his books throughout the week. Here's an interview about his work so far, and latest project.

We can easily read about you at length on your author page. To remind us, please summarise yourself using six alliterative words.

Dave's Dramatic Devices: Duality, Deception, Debauchery!

What's the first story that you remember writing? Do you think your teacher had an inkling that you might become an author, or was he or she blind to your budding talent?

I remember when I was about 6 or 7 I wrote a story that was basically the novelisation of a children's TV drama called Cloud Burst, and it was so long and detailed that it was praised in front of the whole primary school. Finest hour - I've been chasing that buzz ever since.

Not long after that I started writing stories that basically mashed up every TV show, movie, book and comic I enjoyed as a kid, and the stories got longer and more complex over time. This actually went on right through to my A-levels, often taking precedence over homework. I say often. I mean always. A few of my teachers did notice how much I loved writing, and encouraged it. I vividly remember, aged 11, eagerly attacking a school project to write a 'lost adventure' from Homer's Odyssey. My teacher read my story out to the whole class (second biggest buzz), then wrote a note to my parents that said 'You have a budding author in the family!' That was the first time I looked at the word 'author' and thought: Oh, that's what I want to be! So thank you Miss Jones, for steering my entire life with just seven simple words.

If you were at a supermarket filled with your characters, and you only had time to speak to one of them, who would it be, and what would you say to him or her?

I would corner Belinda Miller (main character in Fake Kate) and ask "Is it two for one today?" She'd get it. And possibly deck me.

If you overheard somebody discussing one of your books in the barber shop, how would you react?

I would sit perfectly still and listen for as long as possible. If they were saying nice things about the book, I'd eventually say hello and tell them how happy I was they enjoyed it (and I'd probably be grinning like The Joker by that point). If they were being more critical, I'd innocently ask if whatever book they're taking about was really as bad as that?

But even if they hated it, I think I would admit to being the author. Then I'd shake their hands and thank them for at least giving it a try. All mature-like. And then I'd go home and sulk.

Supposing Fake Kate and Bang were getting made into feature length films. Who would you most like to play the leads and why?

For a film of Fake Kate (and just writing that makes my brain melt), Karen Gillan would be a good choice - she plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who. Not just for the long red hair and pretty face, but she's a quirky actress and I think she could pull off playing Belinda Miller, both as her normal insecure self and when she's faking being hyperactive Kate. Alternatively, I have half-seen a film with Lindsey Lohan in as a lively redhead, and she was very close to my mental image of the character, so I suppose she'd be a better Hollywood choice. Get me her agent!

For Bang: The Motion Picture, the role of Scott Rowley would be harder to find an actor for. He would have to be handsome with loads of sex appeal and so on, but could also play a range of different personalities, as Scott does on every mission as a relationship assassin. I honestly can't think of anyone who could pull it off. An uncastable part?

What is the weirdest place that you've got out your pen and paper?

Deep underground in Chislehurst Caves, while being led on a tour around a labyrinth of tunnels. I was there as research for my first novel, struggling to write notes in the flickering light from our paraffin lamps. I was 21, and I was an idiot.

You're working on a short story collection centred around identity. What sort of emotions can readers expect to experience when they read it? Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about it?

Halves is going to be a mixture of different types of stories, so reading it will feel like being on an emotional rollercoaster! What I want is for readers to explode with laughter, nod vigorously with understanding, curl up into a ball with tension and scream with surprise all at the same time. If I do my job right, then anyone reading the book in public will get arrested.

There are a couple of stories in Halves which are a slight departure in style for me, which will stretch my writing muscles a bit. There's a science fiction novella that I wrote quite a while back, but which deserves to see the light of day. And a couple of stories are proper crossovers between the books Bang and Fake Kate, since they do exist in the same fictional world. All being well, Halves will be available sometime this summer.

Do you go to writers' groups and similar events, or are you more of a solitary writer?

I've been pretty solitary for most of my life. I've always shied away from writer's groups or classes or anything of that nature. There's no doubt they can be useful, but I've always felt that the only real way to learn how to write is to sit down and write something. You can learn tips, techniques and tricks from other people, but you only find your own voice by doing it yourself. Plus, since I'm not an especially fast writer, I find it tough to waste time talking about writing, rather than actually writing!

Having said that, in the last year or so I've made contact with a lot of other indie authors, via KUF and similar places. That's been immensely useful, in terms of being part of a community where everyone helps each other out and shares information. So I can certainly 'play well with others', but when it comes to the actual writing, that's when I prefer to be a hermit. Without the cave. Or the beard.

If you had to pick a favourite red-haired, Exeter-based indie writer with an upcoming paperback launch, who would it be?

Er. Can't think of any. Oh wait, yes, of course, whatsherface. Her with the knees. Oh it's on the tip of my tongue, Rrrrrrrr... no it's gone.

Tell us about the promotions you have running this week

This week is Wailing Week! (You don't actually have to make any noises.) Fake Kate will be free on Monday 26th March only, followed by Bang (Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin) being free on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th.



26/03/2012 16:04
Rosen says...

Thanks David.

26/03/2012 19:35
Joo says...

Fab-u-las :)

26/03/2012 19:36
Rosen says...

By the way, doesn't Lindsay Lohan have form for double identity films? She played twins when she was about twelve and I'm sure there have been others.

26/03/2012 20:07
David says...

Hmm, maybe I really should contact her agent...!

26/03/2012 23:00
DM says...

I'm thinking James Franco as Scott...

27/03/2012 10:23
David says...

James Franco, really? I was hoping for an actor with some acting abilities. Meow!

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